Translation services

Written translations

Technical translations, legal translations, commercial translations, economic translations, website translations, marketing translations, financial translations, information technology translations, scientific translations, chemical translations, and medical translations.


Simultaneous or conference interpretations, consecutive interpretations, and whispered interpretations.

Language proofreading

Correction of grammar, punctuation, and orthographic mistakes of the text (no substantive or stylistic corrections are made).

Subtitle translations

Your text is translated from the source language into the target language on the basis of the original audio recording.


Localization is an activity whereby the text to be translated is adapted to the traditions and laws of the cultural space of the target language.

Editing of texts

The editor compares the translation with the original text and corrects the substantive and linguistic errors, reviews the terminology, and ensures that the text is fluent.

Layout/design of translations

We use various layout and design programs (e.g., Corel, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).