What customers say about us

Külli KoortHead of E-Commerce, AS Baltika

The Aabwell Translation Bureau has been a long-time trusted partner who is also able to help in situations requiring an urgent response.

Urmi PüveJõhvi Concert Hall

We have a very long cooperation with the Aabwell Translation Bureau because of their professional and fast service and always pleasant and helpful communication. The Aabwell Translation Bureau can always handle last-minute translation needs, even after the end of the working day.

Ingrid KäärameesKingitus.ee OÜ

We have a long-term partnership with Aabwell. Aabwell is a very flexible and fast translation bureau, and our cooperation with them is very smooth.

Toivo AsmerMember of the Management Board of AS Timber, Member of the Management Board of the Estonian Autosport Union

Foreign language contracts require the correct use of language, and that is why I have been using the services of Aabwell Translation Bureau for a long time with my companies. Many companies and individuals offer translation services, but stability has always been important to me. From day one, I felt that talking to Kersti Hansen is like talking to a member of my family, and I have always received translation work on the promised days or even the day before, and that is Aabwell’s quality mark.
I dare recommend the Aabwell Translation Bureau as the best in their field to everyone.

Rene SergHaapsalu Uksetehase AS

Aabwell is always fast to respond with a price quotation and deadlines.
Despite the fact that original technical text is at times complicated even for a person working in the field, the translations provided are fluent and comprehensible.

Janika KlaarHandymann OÜ

We have been using your services for years and have been very pleased so far. We like the personal approach and believe that Aabwell offers the best value for money of all the translation services in Estonia.

Heikki Sal-Sallercommunications company In Nomine

We have been a partner with Aabwell for a long time. We mainly use English-Estonian and Estonian-English translation pairs, and we like Aabwell’s speed with which the work is accepted and gets done. I would like to say to all users of translation bureau services that in order to get 110% of the result you have to contribute and review the received Estonian text with own your professional eyes.

Kai PrinitsVBH Estonia AS

We have been working with Aabwell Translation Bureau since 2011.

As a client, we are not the easiest, as we often have a need for rather complex technical texts translated, and, as is often the case in business, translation was needed yesterday.

Aabwell’s excellent team, led by Kersti, is fast, flexible, punctual, on time, and most importantly, professional.

Whenever I need a translation – it is always Aabwell!

Riina PärnPatent Attorney - INTELS Patendibüroo OÜ

We are pleased with the quality of the translation and the meeting the deadlines.

Thank you for your pleasant and understanding cooperation so far!

Markku RastasTechnical Director - SRS Fenno-El Oy Finland

We have used Aabwell’s (Finnish, Estonian, Swedish, English) translation services for technical product documentation for many years. The translation services have always been highly professional, adhering to deadlines and fast.

Nigul TreimannMember of the Management Board - Meedium OÜ

One can always rely on them … This is how our many years of experience of cooperation with Aabwell translators can be summed up. The job is always done properly and on time – pure pleasure!