Translation bureau


Aabwell Translation Bureau was established in 2010. Our priority is friendly and long-term customer relationships. We can respond positively to even the most complex requests by providing translations in a wide range of languages and fields. Our customer base includes both domestic and foreign companies. Aabwell Translation Bureau serves companies and individuals alike. We value long-term customer relationships, which is why we also offer loyal customer discounts. During our operation, we have been able to win the hearts of many reputable companies who turn to us for translation requests over and over again.

Our great competitive advantage is the professional translators who have long and versatile work experience. The two-hundred-member translator base guarantees the right translator for each field, with most translators translating into their mother tongue. Our main areas of translation are engineering, law, economics, commerce, medicine, chemistry, and tourism.

The range of translation services is extensive and includes translation, interpretation, editing, and linguistic proofreading. It is also possible to design translations to be similar to the original. The translation is completed on time, at a reasonable price and of good quality. Aabwell Translation Bureau values every customer, offers a reliable partnership and the best service in its field.

Kersti Hansen


Here are just a few reasons why we are confident that we can provide you with quality translations.

  • Dedicated and experienced translators.
  • If necessary, we will find a translator who knows the specifics and exact terminology of your field.
  • Personal approach to the service – If you are a regular customer, we will try to ensure that your work is done by the same translator wherever possible, to provide a uniform style and consistent quality of the work.
  • We value your time by planning carefully and keeping to the deadlines.
  • Strong quality management processes.
  • We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of your translations.
  • Ten years of market presence and long-term cooperation with many companies demonstrate our excellent working relationships and the trust in our work.

Business and private translations

Our customers are both companies and individuals, both domestic and foreign.

We value long-term customer relationships and thus offer you discounted rates in case of longer-term cooperation. Feel free to ask!

Our loyal customers can be found in a wide variety of industries – real estate and advertising agencies, state-owned companies, consulting and public relations firms, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and IT companies, as just a small selection of examples.

A large translator base

Our two-hundred-member translator base guarantees that your work will be handled by a specialist translator. It is no less important that most translators translate texts into their native language (native speaker).

The versatility and abundance of translators allow us to accept translations that require sophisticated professional expertise, in a wide range of languages.

Plenty of experience and a wide range of languages

Our main areas of translation are:

  • technology,
  • law,
  • economy,
  • commerce,
  • medicine,
  • chemistry,
  • tourism.

We also have experience in many other areas of life. We look forward to working with you!

Partner also in less used languages

In addition to the common languages, we are ready to assist you in translating more exotic languages – Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Romanian, Japanese, and several other languages. Feel free to give us a new and exciting challenge!


We comply with all legal requirements and take measures to ensure the confidentiality of your texts and the protection of intellectual property.


  • Interpreter – a person who deals with oral interpretation.
  • Translator – a person who deals with written translation.
  • Source text – A text submitted by a customer that needs to be translated into another language.
  • Translation – text translated into the target language.
  • Target language – the language into which the text is translated.
  • Source language – the language in which the source text is presented.
  • Final review – A general check of the translation text that is performed before the translation is sent out. This review covers the checking of the format, typing, spelling and comparing the translation against the source text.