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If your company needs translation services frequently, feel free to contact us, and we can also enter into a cooperation agreement that will guarantee you several benefits.

If you can’t find the desired language direction in the list below, ask! We are also ready to help you with more exotic languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish, etc. Feel free to ask for an offer!

The price list for translation services below is a guideline. The final price depends on several factors – the volume of the text, the language direction (e.g., translation from Estonian into Russian or German can increase the volume of the text up to 20%), the specifics of the text, the deadline for the job, etc. We always determine the translation volume based on the finished translation, therefore the final price of the translation will be calculated based on the finished text.

For more detailed price quotes write to We make a separate quote for each job!

The language pairsPrices without VAT starting from /pagePrice with VAT starting from/page
Estonian – Russian –Estonian 9,9011,88
Estonian- English-Estonian10,4012,48
Estonian-German-Estonian 13,5016,20
Estonian-German (native speaker)from 16,50from 19,80
Estonian-Lithuanianfrom 15,50from 18,60
Estonian-Norwegianfrom 16,90from 20,28
Estonian-Frenchfrom 17,50from 21,00
Estonian-Spanish/Italian-Estonianfrom 19,50from 23,40
Estonian-Dutchfrom 26,50from 31,80
Estonian-Portuguese-Estonianfrom 23.50from 28,20
Estonian-Hungarianfrom 22,50from 27,00
Czech-Estonianfrom 25,50from 30,60
Chinese-Estonian/Englishfrom 45,00from 54,00
Estonian/English-Chinesefrom 55,00from 66,00
English-German (native speaker)from 16,50from 19,80
Finnish/German-Englishfrom 16,50from 19,80
English-Finnishfrom 17,50from 21,00
English-Norwegianfrom 19,50from 23,40
English-French/Spanish/Italian-Englishfrom 19,50from 23,40
English-Portugese-Englishfrom 23,50from 28,20
Finnish-Swedish-Finnishfrom 26,50from 31,80
Estonian/English-Japanese-Estonian/EnglishPrice on agreement
Other language directionsPrice on agreement
Editingfrom 5,00from 6,00
Language proofreadingfrom 3,50from 4,20
Layout/designfrom 2.50/1A4 pagefrom 3,00/page
InterpretationPrice on agreement
Urgent job for the same day+ 50% for urgent work

Important to know!

  • Prices do not include VAT 20%.
  • The price list includes the cost of a simple translation, which includes a translation of the standard text and proofreading.
  • Edited translation (standard translation), translation of specific texts (high-quality translation), editing, and other ancillary services are at an additional cost.
  • Volume calculation: 1 standard page = 1800 characters including spaces.
  • The price of the translation is determined by the finished translation.
  • The minimum fee is 0.5 pages per translation price or 900 characters, including spaces.

We use experienced translators for whom the target language is the mother tongue and who are specialists in their field!

Duration of the work

The usual translation rate for written work is 5-6 pages per day.

We are waiting for your inquiry:

We will respond to you during business hours, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Exceptionally, we can also help with urgent work during the weekend.

Please include as much information as possible so that we can send you the most accurate quote possible:

For written translations include:

  • language pair,
  • the purpose of the translation,
  • deadline,
  • customer’s details,
  • other wishes (text structure, layout, output file format, etc.).

If possible, also attach the text that needs translation (confidentiality guaranteed!).
Supporting materials are always welcome, especially for specific translations.

In the case of interpretations include:

  • place of occurrence,
  • dates and times,
  • language pairs,
  • topic,
  • type of translation (e.g., consecutive or simultaneous translation),
  • the number of participants,
  • event info, etc.

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