Job offers

We offer work for experienced translators and interpreters in different language pairs! If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and overview of your areas of translation to

What are we looking for?

• Very good knowledge of the language.
• In-depth knowledge of the area in which you specialize.
• Conscientiousness, accuracy, correctness, and quality.

What do we offer?

• Competitive pay.
• Flexible working hours.
• Friendly cooperation.


We are currently particularly looking for translators for the following language pairs:
English-Russian-English, English-Finnish-English, English-German-English, English-Swedish-English, English-Norwegian-English, English-Danish-English, English-Dutch-English, English-Polish-English, English- Czech-English, English-Arabic-English, German-Russian-German, German-Finnish-German, Finnish-Swedish-Finnish, German-English-German, Russian-Finnish-Russian, Russian-Swedish-Russian, Russian-Norwegian-Russian.

For more information, call +372 733 0707 or